4 APRIL 1840, Page 1

The triumph of Times in the French (711:lather of Deputies

was mentioned in our last Postscript. The Paris journals have since been chiefly occupied with discussing the probable consequences of the vote, and the means by which it was obtained. it appears probable that a portion of the Conservatives of the Right Centre were induced to believe that Tinons would, if supported by them, lean to it moderate course in politics. It was their delOction from the ranks of an Opposition, supposed to have been compact and well-organized, that gevo Thiess the victory ; and the immense superiority of the Ministers over their opponents in the debate, had considerable effect. In Geizor's absence, TmERS has no rival in the Chamber save Baonma, whose Legitimist politics ren- der him comparatively innocuous. Tinints has been renlected tor Aix, by a large majority; and none of his colleagues experienced difficulty in securing their return. It is uncertain whether France is at war or peace with Morocco.

Extensive preparations at T i 'Toulon are supposed to indicate an ex- pectation of hostilities.