4 APRIL 1840, Page 14

ERRATUM in last Spectator, at page 298, line :14; article

"'The Opium War." " But these are matters of etiquette and arrangement mutually con- ceded by the nations of Europe :" for "these," read "there." Tile correspondent who halls 110111•Cli thus' apparent contradiction in our argu- ment, (and whose reasoning is quite correct,) will perceive that the misprint of a letter puzzled hint, and that, when the sentence is printed correctly, II0 con- tradiction exists.

" 'there are some broad and leading prineiples which w e are 00411'11 (if we can) to force upon all it:allots, because without their UlOWSIIIICI• ell prevail. But there are tabu.] traitter4 or eatititair aria ail mutual I% ualioux at' Europe. wh.ch it may be desirabte 1., li.t, COOV.1.111.1111), them ;Mil which for dm, rea• Non Iss..■ sow till.). are nut mithipetisable, a% (3 are nta intutled to impose ripen IhoM

by fume and viulenee." e,,i.cetliql by the