4 APRIL 1840, Page 20

Among the Pictures are many that merit attention ; of

which ire had prepared a notice that has been in type several weeks, but thrust aside from time to time by the pressure of more urgent matters. It is now too late for a detailed enumeration of these minor beauties, even ifspaee were at our disposal : we must therefore be content with commending the visitor to the Designs and Stalks of Character of SCOTT LAUDER, H. MONTAGI7E, CALLCOTT HORSLEY, S. WEST, O'NEII,L, C. LANDSEER, STONE, PARRIS, PIJOLE, DL-KES, CLATER, KIDD, Buss, &c.; to the Landscapes of LINNELL, LEIGH, SCROPE, STARK, STANLEY, 13RIGIIT, PLANE, CLINT, VICKERS, HOFLAND, &C. ; to an Interior by AlowroN ; Ftuit, Plate (Ind Jewels' by LANCE; the Flute's ofl loheasee ; the Horses of WooDwann and lienntsu; and the Dirt's of HANCOCK.