4 APRIL 1840, Page 7


The Duke of Portland has declined interfering in the present Corn- law question, and allowed his tenantry to exercise their free wills upon the subject. —Nbssiieb/ Iris.

Mr. Shafto Adair has been engaged in an active canvass of the county of Suffolk, and he expresses himself highly gratified 1;11 the result of it.—Burg list.

It is stated that Colonel Gore Langton has intimated to his friends his intention of shortly NI ithdran ing from Parliament.— Beth Gazette.

Lieutenant John Thompson. R.N., has beets appointed 1 ieutenant of the port of Gibraltar. This gentleman, according to ills II", st or Eng- land (!onserrotire, was one of Mr. Tunnel'. s supporters at the Devon- port election,