4 APRIL 1840, Page 7

At Bow Street, on Monday, Edward Boggis, a Chartist orator,

was ordered to find security. himself in 50A and four sureties in 125/. each, to appear and take his trial for inciting the Queen's subjects to breaches of the peace by inflammatory and seditious language.

General Sir William Thornton, Colonel of the Eighty-fifth Regiment, committed suicide on Sunday night, by shooting himself. ;at his resi- dence in the village of Greenfusrd, near Hanwell. Evidence of aberra- tion of intellect was given. One of the delusions he laboured under was terror lest he should be apprehended as a smuggler : and he bought a quantity of guns and pistols to protect himself from arrest. Verdict —•"Temporary derangement."

Mr. Buck, the " Wizard of the West." who has been playing the conjurer at the Queen's Theatre. 'Tottenham Street. was serioasly hurt on Tuesday during the performance of the gun trick." A person in the pit having put a bullet in the gun. retired to the cal of the pit and shot at the conjurer ; who CaIlle forward as usual with the bullet be- tween iris teeth. but said at the same time, that he had been wounded by shot, with which the gun must have been loaded without his know- ledge ; and it appeared that a quantity of shun had lodged its his fore- head, left eve hid, and cheek. Same boards were also perforated with shot. The man who fired the gun disappeared.