4 APRIL 1840, Page 7

of (Court.

THE visit of the Queen and Prince Albert to Lansdowne House, on Thursday, is the principal event which the chronicler of Royal doings has to record this week. Great preparations had been made for the fifte, and a large party invited. Soon after ten o'clock, the Queen with her husband and attendants arrived in Berkeley Square ; where the front of Lansdowne House shone in the mild radiance of Bude lights. The Queen gazed for some time on the beautiful wonder, apparently with extreme satisfaction. The Marchioness of Lansdowne was in waiting at the grand entrance to receive her Majesty ; who threw her arms round the neck of the noble hostess, and smothered her with kisses. Eight apartments in the spacious Palace of the Pettus were opened for the reception of the guests. Prom a long list of the com- pany in the Morhiny Poet, we select some distinguished names—the Duke of Sussex, Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, Dukes of 11'elling- ton, Norfolk, and Devonshire, Dukes and Dutchesses of Buceleuch, Beauffirt, Roxburgh, Somerset, the Dutchess of Inverness, the Mar- quises and Marchionesses of Normanby and Londonderry, Earls and Countesses of Grey, Zetland, Albemarle, Darlington, Tankerville, and Wilton, Lords Ashburton, Monteagle, John Russell, Cowley, and Pal- merston, Sirs John Hobhouse, E. L. Bulwer, and J. Guest, Messrs. Macaulay, 13abbage, Tunnel!, and Baring Wall.

A Court was 1.eld on Thursday at Buckingham Palace, for the re- ception of congratulatory addresses. One was presented from the Ge- neral Assembly of the Church of Scotland, by Dr. Duncan the Mo- derator, and a deputation of clergy. The Levee, which was to have been held on Wednesday, was unex- pectedly postponed to Monday next. The cause of the postponement was not announced ; but it has given rise to many surmises.