4 APRIL 1840, Page 8

Lord Lyndhurst's convalescence seems to proceed but slowly. li e has

taken an airing in Hyde Park, and continues to receive daily visits front the Duke of Wellington.

The Earl of Derby, according to letters received from Knowsley, on Wednesday, was going on well, and intended to come to town about the 1st of May. His Lordship, who keeps up the valuable racing-stud of his father the late Earl, intends to scud his horse De Clifford to run for the cup at Chester races ; which Lord Stauley is expected to attend..

It is with extreme regret we learn that Lord Henley is suffering from a total aberration of the mind. His Lordship's derangement became so apparent on Sunday and Monday last, as to be obliged to be laid under the restraint of two attendants.—Morning Herald.

The late Bishop of Lichfield's will has been proved in Doctors' Com- mons. Dr. Butler left personal property sworn under 30,000/. ; his landed estate was also considerable. His son, the Reverend Thomas Butler, is sole executor, and the money will be equally divided among the late Bishop's three children,

Lord Howden has received a large accession of fortune, by the dis- covery and successful mining of extensive coal-mines of surpassing quality and value, in his Lordship's estate of Wingate Grange, near to the rising port of Hartlepool, in the county of Durham, and now con- sidered the best harbour on the East coast.—Leeds :ilereury.