4 APRIL 1840, Page 9

Mr. Bassett, the newly-elected Member for Helstone, took his seat

die !louse of Commons on Monday. He was introdueed by Lord Granville Somerset and Lord Ingestre, and joined his Conservative

friends on the Opposition benches. [This is the geritleman whose electioo, the Ministerial jeurnak declared, would balance the Whig loss at Leees. Ilelseme, it was said, had emancipated itself front the threl- dom of the Duke of Leeds. As tenroicipated Heft tone returns a Tory Member, the Whigs will cease to re:one: over its asserted escape from

hondoge.] The Ludlow Election Committee commenced its sittings On Tuesday. No evidence of much importance was given till Thursda3 ; when Mr.

Coppock admitted that he was Mr. Alcock's agentfitthe election ; and a witness, George Tilley, who kept a public-house in Ludlow, swore distinctly that acts of bribery had been committed by Mr. Coppock. This man swore that when addressing Mr. Alcuek's Committee, Mr.

Copp.rek said—

If the other narty gave 5l. for a vote. he would ire : if they zzave .z/.,

he md)! give .2.0/.; if they gave (Pfi., he would give 50/. or nal.; ;0,,1 he ti •nf on until lie said, if necessary he wo'ilit give 100/., 20W., and even as high as 3004 for a vote. At the time Mr. ())opp (el; said this, there were a considerable nuinh,r ()I' persons in the Committce-room.

Coekourn—" Now, upon your ()zit)), will you swear that Mr. Col-pock made the statement you have related ? "

Mitness—" Upon my oath I will Near that he used the exact words that I have related."

11). coes.burn—" Did Mr. Coppock say any thane else? " Witncss—" Yes; Mr. Coppock said, let it be understood by the Committee, that each of you are empowered to order what you please at any public-house for the electors during the electian."

The same witness swore that Mr. Coppock had given him three ten- pound notes to bribe au elector named Cooke.