4 APRIL 1840, Page 9

We understand that Viscount Palmerston bee steleetei Mr. Aleoek to

be the British Commissioner for the settlement of the claims of the Britieli military and naval officers on the Portuguese Government. The efficient and impartial manner in which Mr. :Slime]: discharged his duty as Commissioner in the investigation of the claims of the Legion On the Government of Spain, must necessarily indicate his fit- ness for the inquiries upon which be is now about to enter.--Morning


Sailed to-day (Saturday) the Nemesis, private armed steamer, Hall, master, destination unknown. It is said this vessel is provided with an Admiralty letter of licence, or letter of marque. It' so, it can only be against the Chinese; and for the purpose of smuggling opium she is affinirehly adapted.-- LeVcr from Portsmouth in lust Active ester:mations are already being made by Govern awnt for talsing the decreer:al census in May in the next year ; in which some important irnerovemente will be noade,—Gl//e.

The sums drawn out of the Paris Savings Beak, for the week eliding Monday last, agent exceeded those lodged. Distress was increasing rather than diminishing. Parricides, infanticides, turd crimes of every description, are increasing in the metropolis and provinces of Prance.