4 JANUARY 1992, Page 15


A reader received this letter, addressed to the finance manager of his company: Dear Sirs W T Air Cargo Limited would like to wish all their customers a Merry Christ- mas and a Prosperous New Year.

As I am sure you are aware Decem- ber is always a difficult month in any business with the disruption caused by Christmas parties and the extended shut down enjoyed by many companies.

Under these circumstances we would ask you to ensure that all your payments are received by us no later than the 31st December 1991. We are prepared to accept a post dated cheque in some cir- cumstances.

We would like to take this opportuni- ty of thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully W T AIR CARGO LIMITED Mrs P Healy Credit Controller A reader sent us this card from the Collin Smokehouse, Stranraer: The Smoked Salmon Story

From far out in the Atlantic, the salmon return to their native Scottish waters.

Some will find their way into the rivers of fame — Spey and Tweed, Tay and Dee, Findhorn, Brora and locally Luce.

Others will fall to the nets of Scots fishermen, men with salt in their blood and a history of salmon fishing over generations. Chosen from the pick of their catch, superb silver-sea fish will be transported swiftly to 'The Colfin Smokehouse' in the far west of Gal- loway. Here under the direct supervi- sion of master-smoker Scott Baillie the salmon are cured using a rich amalga- mation of sea salt, dark rum, sugar and juniper berries. Stage one of the transi- tion from the sea's most noble fish to the delicacy of the gourmet is complete.

Now comes the smoking itself.

An art. A skilled craft. A painstaking- ly careful and slow gentling of firm flesh over a slow-smouldering smoke of oak chips and juniper berries, this is the crit- ical time.

Nothing is allowed to hurry the smok- ing. Nothing is allowed to interrupt it. Only when Scott is completely satisfied that it is as near perfect as he can get it is the fish taken out of the smoker to gently mature before being vacuum packed for your utter enjoyment.