4 JANUARY 1992, Page 22

No. 1 Bungalow

Sir: William Dalrymple in his Diary (14 December) is mistaken in saying that the bungalows in New Delhi designed by Lutyens were replaced by 'Corbusier- inspired high-rise blocks'. My father designed very few of the bungalows himself and these are still lived in grandly by mem- bers of the Government and some VIPs. It was Herbert Baker's bungalows and those of the Ministry of Works that were replaced.

Most Indians are extremely proud of Rashtrapati Bhavan as they call Viceroy's House. The palace and wonderful gardens are maintained to a high standard.

I first stayed with my father in No. 1 Bun- galow in 1923. Is this the same year as Iris Portal was shown round?

Mary Lutyens

8 Elizabeth Close, London W9