4 MARCH 1972, Page 15

A year from the past is brought to life as it was


Editorial director: Professor Asa Briggs lives of the people in 1901.

Each issue of this new magazine is created from the letters, news, diaries and official papers from one great year of the past. In the 100 pages of THEN, you can see how a year looked to the people who were living it, making its achievements and suffering its disasters.

The first issue is for the first year of our century. THEN 1901 the death of the Queen: assassination of the US President; concentration camps in South Africa; first transatlantic radio signals; Irish MPs thrown out of the Commons; and many other events that made up the The second issue is THEN 1848.

In your school library, these large paperback format magazines will make a valuable source of materials for teachers and pupils alike; especially those engaged in project work.

If you would like to see a copy, send us a postcard with r name and address. We will despatch a copy to you for your approval. If you like it, send us 60p. If you do not to wish keep it, return it to us

within 10 days. THEN will only be available in this way —direct from us to our readers. flowers. For half a century he pleased ingenuous readers with his cats, his gardens, his advice and his apparently sunny vision of existence. But what of the hatred and bitterness of the man whose life made the compost for that soil? What made him, Nichols pere, what he was? We never learn. We may guess, and probably guess wrong. We see a pattern in clear Freudian terms and probably it was muddier, more confused: brutal man, sensitive woman; sadist, masochist; perhaps sensual man, frigid woman. The antitheses are too neat, as the outcome was certainly predictable. Mr Nichols has written a remarkable casehistory (of himself as well as nis father), but he seems not to have considered deeply enough his own motives in writing it or the reasons behind the extraordinary behaviour that prompted it.