4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 1

It is understood that the Egyptian Government is alarmed at

the progress of the False Prophet in the Soudan, that the British have declined' to interfere, and that Baker Pasha has been ordered to reinforce Khartoum. This will be done, it is reported, by hastily re-embodying a number—probably 6,000 men—of the old soldiers, and sending them southward, to fight

the Mehdi. In other words, it has already been found necessary to recall the dispersed Army, and use it on active service. It is said that the Khedive refused to accept the alternative of abandoning the Soudan, and, granting the accuracy of the facts reported, he was right. The Melidi, who, according to Dr. Schweinfurth is no negro, but an Arab, if victorious in the Soudan, will not stop there, but descend the great river, and there is no one to oppose him till lie reaches the Delta. The official belief is that he will be content with the Soudan ; but the very basis of his power, his pretension to be the Vicegerent of Allah, forbids him to be satisfied, while any Mussulman territory is in Infidel hands.