4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 2

Mr. Green has resigned the living of Miles Platting into

the hands of Sir Percival Heywood, the patron, and has explained his reasons in a letter to his former parishioners. One reason is that the Bishop of Manchester is about to apply to Lord Penzance to release him, on the ground that he has been deprived of his living under the Public Worship Act. Mr. Green does not wish to acknowledge in any way Lord Penzance's authority, and he also wishes not to put Sir Percival Heywood to the oost of con-

-testing the validity of his deprivation ; so he resigns the living, which, according to the opinion of Lord Penzance, he has no more power to resign than he has to resign the taxes which he paid last year. Whether Lord Penzance will regard his resig- -nation as a new act of contumacy, and refuse to let him out of prison, we hardly know ; but we fancy Lord Penzance will find some excuse for letting Mr. Green out of prison, if he can. Mr. Green's impri sonment is not popular, and is not supposed to add to the ecclesiastical authority of Lord Penzance and the -Court of !itches. If the door is opened to him, though not " from -the inside," Mr. Green will probably soon receive a living in the Province of Canterbury ; while Sir Percival Heywood may probably appoint to the living of Miles Platting a second Mr. Green. In neither case, we suspect, will the Church Association -attempt to get another contumacious incumbent locked up in prison. They will wash their hands of that expedient, which has not proved a success.