4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 2

The minority' consisted of almost the whole Conservative party,—minus Lord

Randolph Churchill, Sir H. D. Wolff, Mr. Gorst, and Lord Algernon Percy (none of whom, however, voted with the Liberals); and plus Sir John Lubbock, Mr. Foster (Bridgnorth), Mr. Marriott, Mr. Walter, Mr. Seely, Mr. Cowen, and Sir John Ennis, all the three Messrs. Fitzwilliam, Mr. Albert. Grey, Mr. Dundas, Sir T. E. Colebrooke, Mr. Courtauld, Mr.. Fort, Mr. Jenkins, and Mr. Nicholson. Of these sixteen gentlemen, a fair proportion will probably vote with the Govern-. merit against Sir Stafford Northeote's proposal to reject the- Closure of Debate altogether, but the twenty-three Parnellites, who, for the most part, voted with us on Thursday night, will then, in all probability, vote against us to a man.