4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 3

Paris and Lyons are both quiet, but there is much

secret alarm. The lower workmen are in distress, resent the steady rise of rents caused by the crowding into towns, and indulge in the fiercest language against the bourgeoisie. This is especially the case, says the correspondent of the Daily News, among workmen in chemical works, probably because, being so nearly educated, they feel envy of the bourgeois luxury most keenly. Dynamite is constantly being discovered near Lyons, and in Paris incendiary placards have twice been posted up within a fortnight. In the second instance, 200 copies were posted, and the placard threatens vengeance on the bourgeoisie, 41who for centuries have kept in their hands all social wealth." We" shall no longer descend with muskets into the street, but only employ the means that science gives us, that chemistry has revealed to us." The placard is signed, "The Executive Com- mittee," and though it may have been drawn up by the police, it is more probably genuine. The Republican Government can have no wish to call up the Red Spectre. It should be noticed, as indicating the alarm felt, that M. 016menceau has peremptorily separated himself from all Ultras desiring violence, and that the Times correspondent sends over a column of argument Against declaring M. Gambetta virtual " Dictator." He uses that word.