4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 3

The first result of Scrutin de Lista in Italy has

been a con- siderable majority for the Government of S. Depretis, which may be described as moderately Liberal. The Left, which supports him, has returned 252 Members, and the Centre, which votes with him, 65, thus securing him 317 votes at a division, or at least one hundred more than all other parties put together. The Right sends up 99 Members, and the defeat of the Radicals is almost total. The leaders on all sides, including the entire Cabinet, have been returned, and the journals are inclined to expect the formation of a solid governing party. If that occurs, serutin de liste will have succeeded ; but it is not yet certain that the centrifugal force which on the Continent shatters parties into minute fragments, each with its leader, will not reappear in the new Chamber. The worst incident was the election in Rome itself, by a huge popular majority, of a man, named Coccapieller, who seems to be a much worse edition of our own Dr. Kenealy, and was in prison at the time of the election. More than one-third of the new Deputies are untried men, not an excessive proportion, when a new and much wider suffrage comes into play.