4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 3

The new Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford is the

Rev. S. R. Driver, of New College, who also succeeds to the Canonry of Christchurch, which is annexed to that professorship. Professor Sayee, the Rev. J. W. Nutt, of All Souls', Rev. T. K, Cheyme, and others, had also been generally thought of, as eminent Hebrew scholars, all well fitted for the post, aull probably one or more of them would have been even better fated for the Canonry than Mr. Driver, who hesitated, we believe, for some years whether his predominant interest in Hebrew philology were consistent with clerical duties at all. But the best Hebrew authorities abroad and at home appear to be satisfied that no other Oxonian has done so much for Hebrew scholarship as Mr. Driver. We cannot say we like the awkward system of paying a Professor of Hebrew by conferring on him a Canonry of Christchurch. We might almost as well pay a professor of physiology by conferring on him a sanitary inspectorship under the Local Government Board.