4 NOVEMBER 1882, Page 3

The Prussian elections have, as usual, ended in leaving all

power in the hands of the Catholics. The Conservatives re- turned number 136, about 20 more than before ; the Free Con- servatives, 47; and the Liberals and National Liberals, 197. The Catholics, or Centre, are still 100, and the proportions, therefore, stand thus. It takes 217 to secure a clear majority of the House, and neither Prince Bismarck nor the Liberals can obtain it without the Catholic vote. Prince Bismarck could get it, but he says the Catholics ask too hard terms; and the Liberals could get it, but they will not heartily vote for equal religious liberty ; and if they did, and the Falk Laws were finally swept away, the Catholics would divide as of old. There is, therefore, a deadlock, the Chancellor being unable to carry his measures, while the Liberals are neither able nor willing to turn him out. A sense that effort is useless, and that the Prince must rule till a new reign arrives, has probably much to do with the increase of Conservative Members, which, however, is in part due to dislike of the Jews.