5 AUGUST 1848, Page 1

The aspect of affairs in Northern Italy has become gloomy

in the extreme. The Austrians have made a successful advance on the Mincio, and threaten Milan ; so that Charles Albert's posi- tion is critical. He has sent, it is said, a special envoy to de- mand aid from the French Government. As we expected, the aspect of real danger to the Monarchy of Northern Italy is likely to be the signal for renewed Republican movements in Lombardy. Defeat by the Austrians, therefore, implies fur King Charles Albert a defeat also at home ; and it is not impossible that he may have invited the French as the least of the three evils that are imminent—the restoration of Austrian dominion, the esta- blishment of Republican institutions, or the intervention of France. According to the speech of Archduke John in opening the Diet at Vienna, an Austrian (victory should be but the prelimi- nary to negotiations for an amicable andliberal settlement of the Italian question ; 'but either the establishment of Reputlican in- stitutions or a French intervention might prevent those desirable negotiations. The Italian leaders are doing what in them -lies ; but we do not observe that statesmen in other countries are giv- ing adequate assistance, even in the shape of moral-influence, to promote a wise adjustment.