5 JANUARY 1940, Page 21


SIR,—In your issue of December 22nd you state that Hitlerism is an attitude of mind and a method of behaviour, not a form of Government. This is difficult to understand as it seems contrary to actual fact.

During the last war Germany pursued a similar ruthless and aggressive policy. Then the nominal head was the Kaiser, who had the unswerving support of the large majority of the nation, and the only criticism directed against him by Germans was that he let them down by abdicating. They did not criticise his entry into, nor his conduct of, the war nor his form of Government.

Today Germany has, and supports, the form of Government led by Hitler, who does not always get his own way if there is any truth in the statement (to which you have given publicity) that he desired to enter Holland, but was over- ruled by other counsels in the Government.

Britain has its form of Government with changing leaders, z.e., Lloyd George, Baldwin, Chamberlain, and while in power they and their Cabinet hold the form of Government.

The Germans are not fighting Chamberlain, any more than we are fighting Hitler. They are fighting the British people and we are fighting the German people, who have shown very definitely that they admire and will support the form of Government led by Hitler, and if Hitler were to disappear they would continue to fight and support that Government. A change of mind on their part may come, but it will only be by defeat.

The proof of this is shown by their mentality during the last and the present war. To argue otherwise without any proof whatever may lead to undue optimism with a conse- quent slacking of effort on our part.—Yours truly,