5 JULY 1963, Page 9

Old Bromp ton Road Pub


Trying to look like members of Boodle's, The near-gentlemen come with their women and poodles; Their bowlers angled a la the Brigade, Their Old School Ties very much displayed (Dean Close, Dulwich, Canford, Aldenham): Arriving in second-hand souped-up chariots, With a gaggle of Sarahs, Carolines, Harriets (Actually Jennifers, Maureens, Valeries), They hope they look Lloyd's and very high salaries (Dentistry, Accountancy, Auctioneering): Greeting the barman by name very proudly, Ordering Guinness, and name-dropping loudly, Near-gentlemen bask in their brief Mayfly glory— For soon, all too soon, comes the end of their story.

(Yes, soon will come marriage, The rush back to dinner To 'my house in the country'-- A mile out of Pinner.

An un-souped-up Austin, A gnome in the garden, A wife who likes gateaux, A child who says 'Pardon'; Ah, how brief was the sunshine, The power, the glory Of this middle-aged husband.

Father and Tory.) Trying to look like Hambros or Couttses The near-gentlemen come with their poodles and tootsies....