5 JULY 1975, Page 5


Sir: Nothing has better illustrated Mr Heath's total unfitness for the leadership of a great party than his attitude towards those laced with the unenviable task of restoring the position created by his disastrous years in office.

Balfour while still in the House of Commons. did not hesitate to serve under two later Prime Ministers; Baldwin did so under MacDonald; MacDonald in turn under Baldwin and Chamberlain accepted a minor role under Churchill in 1940. In much the same spirit Butler twice served under men junior to him in the party hierarchy as did Curzon, despite a bitter disappointment, in 1923.

It is of course a matter of background. It is no coincidence that under career Politicians pure and simple this country in little more than a decade has sunk to its lowest level ever.

J. D. Godber 22 Sandcross Lane, Reigate, Surrey