5 JULY 1975, Page 5

Good cause

Sir: A Spectator article by Erin Pizzey ('Violence begins at home', November 23, 1974) outlined the needs and difficulties of women who were trying in the most desperate circumstances to give their children the safety and security that should be every child's right. Readers of your city diary know that the direct help so urgently needed tends to get swallowed by 'verbose reports', and if recently published figures are correct, gigantic 'overhead and administration' costs.

It would seem time for a 'Women's Aid' fund to be established, based on the principle of the benefit reaching 'Kathy' at her time of need in the most efficient form. The Spectator has shown consistent support for this principle and is ideally suited to forming such a fund.

I therefore enclose a donation and urge other readers to do likewise, trusting that through your good offices, a new and powerful support will shortly reach those in urgent need.

Arthur Chisnall Consultant, Community Research and Development, 31 Waldegrave Gardens, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham

Other, donations to this worthy cause may fpe addressed direct to Women's Aid, _ di

d,3fr_69Ctohri the spectator.

London W