5 JULY 1975, Page 5

Our role in the Market

Sir: What a sad comment on our insularity as a nation and lack of vision as a people (politicians can be forgiven, they're not 'people'), that so little iMPortance was and is attached to the cultural and social aspects of our Common Market membership.

\ Predictably and no doubt quite rightly, the debate raged in and out of the Press about the intricate details of the IN economic side. Under the guise of

'national sovereignty', the political side was touched on, but nowhere, in or out of the House of Commons, did anyone discuss what we would gain socially and culturally. 1 don't think these questions are unrelated either; our progress as a nation in all fields will not be measured in trade figures alone in the coming years. The free interchange of ideas, experiences and points of view with our European 'friends' rather than 'neighbours' cannot be measured in pounds, francs and marks, but in all fields they will be vital to our healthy and lively outlook; economically, culturally and socially. How can these areas be separated?

Anthony McCall 24 Fernshaw Road, London SW10