5 JULY 1975, Page 5

Sir Keith's principles

Sir: After reading Sir Keith Joseph's seven 'Tory re-think' speeches and the first pamphlet from the Centre for Policy Studies I agree with Patrick Cosgrave (June 21) that they are worthy of praise, especially the former — how refreshing to hear the case for sound money and a free economy being propounded by a front bench Tory. I have one nagging fear, however. In his Edinburgh speech of January this year Sir Keith said "... the enterprise which is subsidised simply to keep jobs, a stage army of workers and managers, does not contribute to the economy. On the contrary, it takes from the economy, it weakens the economy, and thereby puts more enterprises and jobs in peril. Enterprises which are kept going by state hand-outs just to keep jobs-forjobs-sake are the lean cows in Pharoah's dream. They eat the fat cows, the healthy firms, and remain as thin as ever. Why then did he' not speak up when a crutch was presented to British Leyland by the Government and the Opposition made it clear by their not saying anything of consequence that they did not know whether to cheer or boo? Principles not applied are not worth having.

Paul Wilkinson 1 Clare Avenue, HoOle, Chester.