5 JUNE 1880, Page 2

Mr. Parnell and Mr. O'Connor Power opposed yesterdayweek the grant

of 223,000 for Secret-Service money, and vehemently attacked some of the Radical Members who had voted against this grant last year under the Tory Government, and who voted in favour of it now. To this Mr. Dillwyn replied, with great force,. that if there were a grant at all which raised the question of confidence in the personnel of the Government, it was the grant of Secret-Service money. If you could trust those who deter- mined its use, you might properly grant it; if you felt no such trust, you ought to refuse it. He had felt no such trust last year, while this year, on the contrary, he felt confidence in the Government which asked for this money, and therefore he should not oppose the grant. Nor do we see any reply to that position. You might as well call it inconsistent to refuse to. lend to a stranger in the street what you gladly lend to a friend, as say that it is inconsistent for a Liberal to refuse assistance to the secret dealings of the Government of Lord Beaconsfield, which he accords to the secret dealings of the Government of Mr. Gladstone.