5 JUNE 1880, Page 22

The Cambridge Bible for Schools.—St. Luke. Edited by Canon Farrar,

D.D. (Cambridge : the University Press.)—Canon Farrar has supplied students of the Gospel with an admirable manual in this volume. It has all that copious variety of illustration, ingenuity of suggestion, and general soundness of interpretation which readers are accustomed to expect from the learned and eloquent editor. Any one who has been accustomed to associate the idea of " dry- ness " with a commentary, should go to Canon Farrar's St. Luke for a more correct impression. He will find that a commentary may be made interesting in the highest degree, and that without losing any- thing of its solid value. He may not always agree with the com- mentator. We must own, e.g, to some surprise at finding that "careful chronological order" is one of the characteristics of St. Luke's Gospel ; but he will always be impressed by the ability and thoroughness with which the work is done. It seems ungracious to say anything in disparagement of thatof which we have spoken in terms so high. But, so to speak, it is too good for some of the readers for whom it is intended. An immediate demand for it will come from classes preparing for the Cambridge Local Examination. And cer- tainly, for the average " junior " a very thorough process of selection will have to be done, before all this really vast variety of information can be made practically serviceable. The more advanced the student, the more useful to him this manual.