5 JUNE 1880, Page 23

Border Counties' Worthies. By E. G. Salisbury. First and Second

Series. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—The "Border Counties" are those four which border on Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Monmouthshire. Mr. Salisbury thinks that while much attention is paid to material remains of the past, the memorials of departed 'men are not sufficiently cared for; and this deficit he seeks to supply. ;As he modestly says that his notices do not aim at being more than 'sketches, which others are to fill, there is little to criticise. Most of 'the hundreds of names which are here put together are wholly strange to us ; about those which we happened to know, we certainly learnt nothing from Mr. Salisbury's account. But then he does not pro- mise that we should learn anything. We doubt whether it is of much tree to fight against destiny, and to seek to rescue from oblivion names which seem to be its due. One-tenth of the number chosen from the whole, with a reasonably full account of each, would have made a more readable book. But this -was not Mr. Salisbury's aim, and we can at least say that what he has aimed at he has accomplished.