5 JUNE 1880, Page 23

Britannia: a Collection of the Principal Passages in. Latin Authors

that Refer to this Island. With Vocabulary and Notes. By Thomas S. Geyser. (Griffith and Farran.)—There is a certain ingenuity in the idea of collecting the passages that, as referring to this country, may be supposed to interest English boys. It is easy to overrate the amount of the interest which it is possible thus to excite. To many boys, a Latin romance would be just the same as a Latin dictionary. Still, the attempt is praiseworthy, and will, to a certain extent, be Successful. It is not easy, however, to say for what degree of proficiency this particular reading-book is intended. The extracts from the " Agricola " and the "Annals" of Tacitus, occupy a large part of the volume, and we do not see that the editor has furnished them with any comment. The vocabulary, of course, is suited only for a beginner.