5 JUNE 1880, Page 23

Harding, the Money - spinner. By Miles Gerald Keon. 3 vols. (Bentley.)—This

novel was originally published some years ago in the London Telma/. Under ordinary circumstances, it would have been scarcely worth while to reprint it—though, indeed, many in- ferior works are so honoured—but the accomplished author is now dead, and this is one of the few productions of his pen. We cannot liay much in its praise. Though it bears unquestionable marks of ability, its construction is faulty, and the effect of the whole far

from satisfactory. What may be called the introduction is of a quite disproportionate length, and not a few of the incidents might have been retrenched without loss to the story. This may be said not to begin in earnest till we get to the third volume. Then the "Money-spinner's" schemes become interesting, and the story flows more rapidly and with a more simple current.