5 JUNE 1880, Page 24

We welcome the appearance of the first number of The

American Journal of Philology, edited by Basil L. Gildersleeve. (The Editor, Baltimore ; Macmillan, London.)—This journal, like the American Journal of Mathematics, appears under the auspices, or it would be more proper, perhaps, to say, with the encouragement of, the John Hopkins' University, in which the Editor occupies the chair of Greek. The place of honour is given to an article by Professor Goodwin, of Harvard, on the twat ovifiPtala( of Athenian law (" Thuc.," 1., 77). He distinguishes between them and the A brat air, crupfloXwv, with which they are commonly identified, taking the former to mean "business snits," which, under the Athenian supremacy, the subject allies had to try in Athenian Courts ; and the latter "treaty suits,"—suits brought by foreigners in Athenian Courts under special-treaty provisions. Professer Packard, of Yale, discusses Professor Geddes' theory of the Homeric Poems ; and the editor has an article on the "Encroach- ments of Ms on 06 in Late Greek." There is an article dealing with some of Goethe's early work, short notes, notices of books, lEc. We have in this number what the editor calls a "suspicious preponderance of Greek," but it is promised that the balance shall be redressed here- after.