5 JUNE 1880, Page 3

The Archbishop of Canterbury, in advocating the scheme for establishing

Theological Halls in Oxford and Cambridge, for the education of "resident members of the University who are candidates for Holy Orders in the principles of the Reformed Protestant Church," made a very strong protest against the narrowing effect of theological seminaries placed under men of narrow mind, too likely to train the students to some narrow theological platform. And clearly the Archbishop is wise. But is there not some danger that in those theological halls, even though placed in Oxford and Cambridge, the society will be too exclusively theological P Between the different Colleges of the University there is often not very much social inter- course, and this will be still more likely to happen where one of the Colleges is a purely theological hall, with a clerical reputa- tion of its own. To our mind, the young theologians should live in Halls not purely theological ; while it would be a very good thing for young laymen to live more often than they do in an atmosphere that is much more theological than that of most Oxford and Cambridge Colleges.