5 MAY 1939, Page 42


Sir Frederick Hamilton had one disappointment to record at last week's meeting of H.E. Proprietary. West Spaarwater, in which H.E. Proprietary is largely interested, has found it necessary to close down operations. He did not disguise his regret that it had not been possible to drive the shaft a further Ho feet and ascertain the real significance of the values recorded. Nevertheless, Sir Frederick had nothing but good to report of another of the company's chief interests, Luipaards Vlei Estate and Gold Mining Company. For the first three-quarters of the current financial year develop- ment had shown an average value of 7.65 dwts. over a stoping width of 45 inches and a percentage of payability of 76.6. In the preceding financial year the value had been 5.8 dwts. and the percentage of payability 72.8.