5 MAY 1961, Page 13


SIR,—Mr. Christopher Hollis states in the Spectator

of April 14, 1961 (page 502), that 'It is indeed true that the only reason why Australia and Canada do not today find themselves faced with a formidable native problem . . . is that the Australians and Canadians of three generations ago kept down their native populations by killing them.'

I should like to inquire from Mr. Hollis what evidence he can adduce in support of this extra- ordinary statement. Assuming that a generation covers about thirty years, Mr. Hollis would appear to declare that in the years shortly after Con- federation (1867) Canadians embarked on a policy of genocide.

Whatever may have been the shortcomings of the Canadian Government and the Canadian people at that time in their attitude to the Indians it is, in my opinion, quite untrue to say that they purposely

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