5 MAY 1961, Page 3

—Portrait of the Week

I HI' UNITED STATES' FIRST ATTEMPT to put a man into space was postponed because of bad weather, with Commander Shepard already in his space suit. and Bob Hope there to see him oft.


A CEASE-FIRE IN LAOS not having happened when expected, which was on Friday, it was said on Wednesday that it had taken place on Monday, when not expected. If not all over the front, at any rate somewhere. If not confirmed, at any rate rumoured. If not concluded, at any rate dis- cussed A special tribunal was set up in Paris to try the rebel generals; and three parachute regiments--one a regiment of the Foreign Legion were disbanded. Mr. Tshombe, President of Katanga, was arrested by the Central Congolese and kept in custody. Three Kenyan delegations arrived in London, one (representing the elected members of the Kenya Government) to ,ask the British Government for money to deal with unemployment and land problems; one to ask for copensation for white settlers; and a third, from them African National Union, to complain about not being allowed to join the new Kenya Govern- ment on their terms. Mr. Khrushchev awarded l)r. Castro a Lenin Peace Prize.


AT TI1E OLD BAILEY George Blake, a thirty-eight- Year-old government official, was sentenced to !ttrtY-two years in gaol after pleading guilty to having since 1951 given information to Russia wr, 'Itch. according to the Lord Chief Justice, 'ren- dered much of this country's efforts completely useless The unofficial strike in London's docks

by to an end. There was.a one-day token strike y members of the National Association of ,U

Schoolmasters in Dulwich, and Nottinghamshire and Scottish teachers proposed strike action in support of the NUT's demand for more pay. _.more than eight hundred nuclear-disarmament demonstrators were arrested for obstruction in the course of a civil disobedience protest in Whitehall.


',LIE UNION or Shop, Distributive and Allied workers reversed the decision it took last year to support unilateralo nuclear disarmament; the executive of the National Union of Railwaymen decided to support the Gaitskell line; and it looked t ,last as though Mr. Gaitskell might reverse the The Party's Scarborough Conference decision. the Lord Chief Justice came out in favour of corporal punishment, in spite of the conclusions reached by the Cadogan Committee, the Home Secretary's Advisory Committee and at least one Other law lord—Lord Denning, a Lord of Appeal. Ti.he Government stuck to its plan of putting pub- lic money into a new Cunard liner.

ITIL DIRECTOR or the Sadler's Wells Trust said that the theatre was too old, too small and too


ar: London ought to be able, he said, to support a new, adequate and central opera house. There were no signs of such a thing, but a lot of smart Hw betting shops opened up, newly legitimated. being residents objected to a Dr.- Barnardo's home ,..cIng set up in 'a high-class residential area,' and were supported by the town-planning committee.


1:111u AUSTRALIAN CRICKETERS opened their season, 411d it rained. The Queen went to Rome, and it turned out nice for her. King Hussein of Jordan announced his engagement to a young English- Woman, and the Daily Express put on to cover the story Denis Pitts, Malcolm Sussex, Keith Matthews, Robin Douglas-Home, Jack Hill, eoffrey Wareham, Arthur Smith, David Thur- ow, Terence Willows, Clifford Luton, Jeremy Banks Ian Buchan and John Weaver, who dis- covered, and revealed, that `there was a time When she ran through a garden in Suffolk, skip- lung rope in hand, with a pet name for almost `very flower.'