5 NOVEMBER 1870, Page 1

We have discussed elsewhere the conduct of Marshal Bazaine ;

but may mention here, that according to the correspondent of the Manchester Guardian, who was shut up in Metz, the Marshal was accused on all hands of supineness, that a plan was laid for a sortie against his will, and that from the fall of. Sedan he re- pressed all action, however hopeful. It appears further that up to the end of September he might have cut his way through, and that the Guard, 25,000 men, was in splendid order and discipline. On the other hand, the able bfficer who represents the Daily News attributes the whole blame to the Generals and the men, declares that when the history of the siege is written Bazaine's name will shine brightly, and attributes to the officers the waste of provi- sions which went on. All allow that at the last moment a sortie of the whole army would have been impossible, as men and horses were alike weakened, and the Guard alone would probably have got through. Marshal Bazaine was attacked by the mob on his way to Germany, and only saved by his Prussian escort.