6 AUGUST 1921, Page 1

Once more the difficulties between France and Britain have been

patched up, and we are told that the Entente is quite -restored- We cannot feel, however, that the settlement goes

to the root of the matter, which is the fundamental conflict of policy as to how the future of the world is to be arranged— whether by agreement or by force. In this conflict the dispute about Upper Silesia, is a mere incident. When we went to press last week France was still holding out for tho right to send reinforcements immediately to Upper Silesia, and was refusing to attend the proposed meeting of the Supreme Council on August 4th unless this right were admitted. In reply to the French objections, Lord Curzon dispatched a grave Note on Thursday, July 28th. He pointed out that for the solidari'e of the Entente it was necessary that the Allies should invariably act together. If France took isolated action, the whole dis- cussion before the Supreme Council would be prejudiced.