6 AUGUST 1921, Page 13


[To THE EDITOR Or THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR, —I had hoped some Colonial of standing would have inter- vened in favour of a renewal of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty that you have no good words for. This alone should count. Von Spee's fleet, sunk finally near the Falklands by Admiral Sturdee, was within a day or two's stetfm of New Zealand but for the swift vigilance of the Japanese cruisers, which, coming down from the North, chased the Germans to their doom. The great coast cities of New Zealand would have been totally destroyed in no time, and I am well acquainted with them and their approaches. You assume quite wrongly that the Australasian Premiers think as you do. What have we Colonials to bless the United States for in those deadly perilous [We expressly said (Spectator, June 4th) that Mr. Hughes was in favour of maintaining the Alliance.—ED. Spectator.]