6 AUGUST 1921, Page 15


fro ERE &mots or THE " teeecveroa."1 SIR,—Referring to the words of an old children's song and the refrain which comes-at the end of each verse as quoted by your correspondent. F. H. Meares in your issue of July 23rd, I well remember my sisters repeating a verse which ran as follows, but we have no idea of its origin. Perhaps some of your readers can throw some further light upon the matter :—

" There was a frog lived in a well, Ringdon pommadiddle koimy, Koinia kilma, kilma, kary, Koima kary Ulnae, String strong pommadiddle arra learn rantum. Ringdon pommadiddle koimy."

The following is the recollection of my eldest sister of the words as our mother used to sing it to us. She was a North Country woman:— " There was a. frog lived in yon well, Rigdon bonadair ma koimy. there was a mouse lived in yon.

Higdon bonadair ma koimy, Koyma deary, kilma, keery, Koyma deary kilma.

String, strong, pomadiddle, arra barra rantum, Rigdon bonadair ma koimy."

It Mount Street, W.