6 AUGUST 1921, Page 15



Sra,—In the interesting review of Burke and Hare in your issue of July 23rd, I note that the reviewer states that it had been produced for " the very reasonable sum of 25s. 6d." As a Scot who had already bought the book it was an immense relief to find it was only 10s. 6d. net. Of course, the above is of no importance, but it may allow of my introducing a story I heard long ago from an uncle, still happily alive at the age of ninety. He was a medical student in the forties at Edinburgh University. A Lord Provost of Edinburgh was in Paris and had an interview with the King Louis Phillips. The King took him into a gallery an& pointing to a portrait, said: "There is a painting of your distinguished countryman, Edmund Burke." "Aye, your Majesty," the worthy Provost replied. " I saw him hanged.in the Lawn Market, and weal he deserved it."—I am, Sir, &c., jArara P. BOYD. 2 Newton Terrace, Glasgow, TV.