6 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

A sound warning was addressed to the Government in the

House of Lords on Thursday, July 28th. Lord Gainford called attention to the excessive staffing of Departments. Since he criticized the Government last November the number of employees had increased from 283,614 to 292,537. That was an increase of nearly 9,000. How could the Government justify it ? Lord Buckmaster, condemning •the extravagance of the Government, said that the truth was coming home to the people that the country was " bleeding to death from excessive taxation." He said that he was . speaking without any party spirit, and he was sure that if this Government or any other took the problems of financial administration in hand " with courage, consistency, and unflinching sincerity " they would have " the support of every loyal citizen." He complained that it was impossible to get any reasonable answer from the Government. Questions were regarded by the Ministry as irrational, perverted, and ignorant.