6 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

Further details of the Spanish disaster in Morocco do nothing

to diminish its appearance of gravity. The Spaniards .are now said to hold exactly the same amount Of territory as they did twelve years ago in 1909 when they began the occupation of the Rif country. Their line runs about four miles inland . from the town of Melilla, with the advanced post of Nader some six miles out. Reports from Tangier say that the tribes round Tetuan and Laraiche heard of the rising on Tuesday, July 26th, and are taking counsel with themselves as to " what action, if any," they should take. This is, of course, the country from which Raisuli has been driven and above which he now hovers in the mountains. If the rising spreads to this part of the protectorate, the position for the Spanish will indeed be serious. All who entertain friendly feelings to Spain, as most certainly we do, will desire to remind her that it is often the best policy to cut a loss. Spain is great enough to forgo an African adventure without any loss of real prestige.