6 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

Replying for the Government, Lord Crawford argued that no Government

of whatever complexion could have dispensed at once with all-the-officials of the Ministries of Food and Shipping. He admitted that the increase was alarming, but it was mainly due to the Ministry of Labour, and was the necessary result of the -coal strike and the consequent unemployment. The increase in the Ministry of Labour had been '73 per cent., and it had counterbalanced the reductions which had been made in other Departments. It is obvious that if the Government want a-policy to make •them popular they need not look far for it. We wonder how -long they will take to see what is staring them in the face. Or will some strong leader arise within the Coalition—the only quarter from which he can conceivably come—and carry off all the popularity and win all the grateful army of followers which might have belonged to Mr. Lloyd George ?