6 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

The incident of the interview with the editor of the

London Times published by the New York Times, though absurd and unimportant in itself, deserves notice as one of the curiosities of politics. On Friday, July 29th, the later edition of the Daily Express contained extracts from what was assumed to be an inter- view with Lord Northcliffe, published in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail on the previous Monday, but not in its London edition, nor in the Times. On the Friday afternoon, Mr. Lloyd George, assuming that the interview was with Lord North- cliffe, and in view of the allegation that the King had used certain language to and about the Prime Minister and the Government, brought the matter before the House of Commons. He read a statement made by the King—a very proper and constitutional statement assuming the facts to be what they were then believed to be, namely, that a member of Parliament had put words into the King's mouth. The Prime Minister went on to denounce in scathing terms Lord North- cliffe's mischief-making action in regard to the disarmament conference at Washington.