6 AUGUST 1921, Page 23

We have received the first number of the Labour Monthly

(Labour Publishing Company, Is.), which is produced in a handsome style for the purpose of " reporting and explaining to British workers the developments of the Labour movement in other countries," and of inducing them to believe in " the present attack of capital on Labour." There is no indication of the source of the funds required to publish this expensive maga- zine, or of the editor's name. We may, however, draw our own conclusions from the fact that the principal contributions are Lenin's long and involved manifesto on " The Meaning of the Agricultural Tax," M. Barbusse's account of the French Com- munist party which, he admits, is an infinitesimal minority, and Mr. G. D. H. Cole's furious attack on the trade unions for not joining in a general strike, under the title of " Black Friday' and After." The magazine is obviously part of the revo- lutionary propaganda. It is interesting to note Mr. Cole's remark that for some years British Labour, having lost its opportunities for successful aggression in 1919 and 1920, will be kept definitely on the defensive." He will not see that British trade unionists in the mass have no intention of impover- ishing themselves and ruining their country in order to test the crazy doctrines of a few middle-class revolutionaries. Lenin's manifesto gives indications of a disordered brain, obsessed by economic phrases until it has lost touch with human nature. Such stuff can never find acceptance among sober Englishmen.