6 FEBRUARY 1942, Page 13


SIR,—Mr. Harold Nicolson's fear of the growth of anti-Jewish feelings in England was broached by him in your columns some weeks ago, and a Mr. Mayer touched upon it in a short letter. To those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear, there is no doubt that this sentiment is growing apace—and more especially among the Services. For the sake of our common humanity, and though there are many loyal and up- right Jews who suffer for the sins of their fellow Jews, it is a thousand pities that it were so, but it is the fact. May I suggest the remedy is (as my Jewish friends tell me) in the hands of the Jewish leaders them- selves? But in the light of what is going on, is this pernicious blight on our community to be wondered at? Consider that the total Jewish population of these islands is less than 1 per cent of the whole. Then consider the percentage of recorded convictions against Jews for every kind of fraudulent dodge to evade their responsibilities under the Defence Regulations—whereby they batten on this country's wax agony —and what will you find? That this figure is something like yo per cent. of the whole of the remaining recorded convictions against non- Jews throughout the country! It is now an event if one doesn't read in the daily Press of a gang of Jews being convicted of some form of racketeering, which, in fact, is in essence a grand sabotage of our war effort. And who are to be found in the most expensive restaurants eating, drinking and smoking of the best from London to Leeds? Who in the restaurant cars of our trains get and retain the best seats till they have guzzled in full the while our sailors, soldiers and airmen look on in disgust and wonder if it is for the ultimate benefit of these gentry that they are fighting? Let Mr. Nicolson travel on the 4.15 p.m. express from Paddington to Reading and he will see what I have said is true. Young, well-dressed, perfumed and pomaded Jews will discuss in loud voices how good business is whilst their befurred and bejewelled sisters eat chocolates from " de luxe " boxes—at which soldiers and sailors stand and stare! And hardly once does one hear the King's English spoken, except by the soldiers and sailors, when their language has an Elizabethan robustness!

Now, Sir, I am not and never have been a Fascist, nor an anti- Semite and I live daily in the most intimate communion with many Jewish friends. They are revolted by the conduct of so many of their race, and it is they who will suffer when hate is begotten. Will some Jewish correspondents deal with the mischief I have inadequately de- scribed in this letter? It were well that the subject be no longer one for clandestine discussion—Yours faithfully,

5 Derby Road, Caversham, Berks. J. H. MALLON.