6 FEBRUARY 1942, Page 14


am amazed at the enclosed, written by you in The Spectator. How you can approve of the Headmaster of Rugby's impossible letter is more than I can understand. Captain Balfour's dictum is mild—you talk of individuals being tried? The whole nation, except perhaps a few, are behind those awful gangsters, and back them up entirely. How else could they find millions for the Gestapo, and millions for the army, police, &c., who adore cruelty, torture, and always have? You speak of individu%ls as if there were only a few to punish. I enclose three cuttings, they speak for themselves. Any- one who tries to minimise the horror of the Huns is condoning sin and crime and agony against the teaching of the Bible and of Christ. God avenged evil, and punished terribly. Christ. too, loathed evil, especially to children, and punished. Bengal tigers are mild compared to these ghastly Huns, who think out tortures. No punishment in Heaven or earth could possibly be severe enough for them. But one thanks God that Russia and the tortured countries will most likely ex- terminate these awful people, who, from the time of Frederick the Great's father have always loved war, cruelty and grabbing other people's land. I have taken The Spectator for many years, but am so shocked at this cutting that I seriously think of giving it up.—Yours