6 FEBRUARY 1942, Page 14


SIR,—How nobly some of our feminine mouthpieces " are trying to fight the cause of woman ! Women Diplomats, says Miss Eleanor Rathbone in her letter to you, might be most useful in " those humbler consular posts `back of beyond' least desired by men because they are unhealthy and solitary " . . . . (my italics).

Please, kind gentlemen, let us, in yet another field, undertake all the dirty and thankless jobs you don't want—of course at salaries much, much less than you would require! Miss Rathbone hopes to knock again at this particular door. It seems only too probable that she will gain admittance, heaven help us, on her own terms.—Yours faithfully, SUSAN INGLIS. Yonder, Church Lane, Beeding, Steyning, Sussex.