6 FEBRUARY 1942, Page 4

Sir Stafford, by the way, has just put on paper

some important observations about Russia. He was one of the originators, and, I believe, the chief financial supporter, of the Labour weekly, The Tribune, which publishes this week a notable article from him. After commenting, justly enough, on the failure here in Britain to realise adequately what Russia's immense sacrifices and sufferings are, he says something which is more significant than it may seem : " Their passionate love of their country and the pride in its achievements have been the stimulus behind their great resistance. They believe, truly I think, that they have a present and a future that is worth fighting for, and that they will fight for it till they die." This is patriotism, not ideology. They are dying for Russia, not for the doctrines of Karl Mart. If this is true, and there are many signs that it is, it is encouraging and reassuring. Russia may be as Communist as she will (actually she is not today Communist at all) ; that is no one's business but her own, unless she is bent, as Trotsky was, on making the rest of the world Communist too. A Russia fighting primarily for Communism would be disquieting. A Russia fighting for Russia, as Britons are fighting- for Britain, is something that gives us a firm-based and deep-rooted sympathy with her.

* * * *